SPAR (Society of Physician Assistants in Rheumatology) board is:

President: Antonio Giannelli MsA, PA-C DFAAPA (MI)     Vice President: Position is open as of 3/9/2018     
Treasurer: Julia Hoekstra PA-C (MI)    Secretary/Past President: Rick Pope PA-C DFAAPA (CT) 
Member-at-Large:Joan Mctigue PA-C (FL)    Past Pres:Don Flinn PA-C DFAAPA (OK)

Board meeting is annual at every AAPA annual conference(watch for date and time in AAPA conference schedule)


Professional Resources for your Networking and Career Development

SPAR is dedicated to the advancement of the Physician Assistant in Rheumatology and your support will help us achieve our goals. 


Benefits of SPAR Membership include:

  • Sending private messages to other Rheumatology PA members (member directed)
  • Opportunity to blog with other members
  • Ability to post questions or seek information from the membership at large
  • SPAR directly supports and makes recommendations to the AAPA on Rheumatology topics for the annual convention. All board members are AAPA members

SPAR's mission is:

  • To enhance the health and well being of the people with Rheumatological disorders through the representation and advancement of the PA profession.
  • To provide the general membership of the organization with a forum for informalassembly regarding the issues related to the Society of Physician Assistants.
  • To facilitate mutual assistance and support of physician assistants, health professionals, and health services by organizing and disseminating health care informatiothrough forums, panels, and other similar programs concerning the delivery and quality of Rheumatological health care services. 



Whats New:

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